Lender Information Sheet

At the end of the Great Recession, there were almost no banks lending on mobile homes. In that last couple of years, that has changed. Mobile homes are not real estate. Legally, they are more like cars than homes and titles are handled differently, also. Very few banks lend on mobile homes because of the low volume and different processes and laws.

Park Model RVs, also known as 'Tiny Homes' are titled as RV trailers with the DMV. Since, they are 'RV's the banks consider them high-risk, luxury items. Do not use the term 'Tiny House' with lenders, because they will interpret your unit as THOW or home-made Tiny-House-On-Wheels, which are super-risky sounding almost impossible to finance. Some lenders here understand and will lend on Park Model RVs. If you have good credit, consider going to your bank and getting a 'signature loan' instead.

Credit Human

New and Pre-Owned Homes, Premium Credit Programs, Fixed Rates, One Step Rates, Equity Program, 5-7-10-15-20 Year Programs - Pre-Qualify - mhlending.credithuman.com/
Contact: Richard McIlveen in San Antonio at 210-258-1544
Through San Antonio Credit Union for buyers with good credit, they offer very competitive interest rates. Forest Oaks Village is already one of their certified communities.

21st Mortgage Corporation

Home Only, Co-Signer Program, Buy-for Program, Equity Program, Alternate Income Program - Pre-Qualify www.21stmortgage.com
They offer loans to buyers with poor credit or unstable income at high interest rates. Forest Oaks Village is already one of their certified communities. They also known to finance Park Model RVs.

In November 2020, they told us that they will finance up to 95% of a used home's appraised value. Apprasials cost about $340-$380. They are giving rates of 6%-12% depending on your credit score (600 minimum), income (must be employed) and financing level.

Triad Financial Services

New and Pre-owned, Home Only Secondary Housing Programs, Co-Signer Programs, Park Model Programs - Pre-Qualify - www.triadfs.com also see Brochure They also known to finance Park Model RVs.

Country Place Mortgage

Home Only, VA, FHA, USDA and Conventional Programs with STD Mortgage Rates and Terms, Non-conforming Land & Home - Pre-Qualify www.countryplaceloans.com

Cascade Loans

Private Loan Broker specializing in manufactured homes with an office in Buda. https://www.cascadeloans.com/

The Federal Savings Bank

Specialize in VA Loans Conventional, FHA, USDA, Traditional Mortgage Rates, Terms, Appraisals and Underwriting. - Rhonda Croft rcroft@thefederalsavingsbank.com (970) 420-4210

BMO Harris Bank

They financed a new Park Model RVs at Forest Oaks Village #20 in 2018. www.bmoharris.com or call 888-340-2265

* Forest Oaks Village is not recommending or referring you to any specific lender. The lender information provided above is a partial list of lenders available in this area. You are under no obligation to use any listed lender. Choosing the lender that best fits your needs will be your decision.