Forest Oaks Village

Frequently Asked Questions



We don't manage a sequential waiting list, but do mass announce availability by email. If you wish to be notified, take note of the following:

  1. Read the Tenant Screening, Costs and Living Expenses section below to be sure this is going to be a good fit for both of us. 
  2. Indicate what you are seeking:
    • Long Term - Set on Blocks Lot - $550/mo [Setup Fees apply]
      • Park Home sized Manufactured Home(55' or less - new)
      • Full-sized Manufactured Home (76' or less - new)
      • Tiny House - Blocked (Must be certified/titled)
    • RV/TH Lot - RV Hookups - $600/mo
      • RV Parking (RV must be new or in very good condition - kept clean/waxed)
      • Tiny-Home-On-Wheels (Must be finished, RVIA preferred)
    • Rental Home - No Longer Offered
  3. Name
  4. Return/notification email address
  5. Indicate how long to keep your notification status active.
  6. Indicate that you understand the screening and costs to live here and believe that it is going to be a good fit.
  7. Anything else to indicate your preferences or needs.
  8. Any other helpful background or contact information.
  9. Send this request to here

Tenant Screening

We comply with the HUD Fair Housing Act. We do NOT discriminate based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, familial status or handicap. We do discriminate based on credit score, criminal & eviction history, age/condition of mobile home, income level, employment status, identity discrepancies, legal immigrant/citizenship status and personal references. We put significant effort into maintaining a safe, comfortable and quiet community. Our community is known for its great neighborhood feel and we work hard at maintaining this quality. If you feel that the outcome of such a background check will be positive, we recommend that you apply for residence.  Some more facts:

  • EVERY adult resident is screened
  • Credit score of 630+ and no recent bad credit issues
  • Reliable income with reasonable debt load to support rental / realistic living expenses
  • Criminal and eviction background check run, which requires an accessible personal email and online payment of $40
  • Employment and previous landlord(s) references are contacted
  • Equal Opportunity Housing
  • Vehicles must be well maintained, registered & insured
  • No pets or smoking in rental homes.
  • Ability and willingness to follow the village's rules
  • Personal identification will be required to initiate application process.
  • No dogs over 40 lbs or breeds known to be agressive or dangerous to kids. This is a small pets community.

Move-in Costs

  • Expenses/Fees:
    • Lots start at $550 for blocked and $575 for left on wheels
    • Smartmove's Background Check is $40 per adult
    • Electric Membership with PEC is $75 - non-refundable
    • First month's rent is required upfront, also.
    • Cable TV & Internet - depends on provider
  • Refundable Deposits:
    • Security is the monthly rent less $150.
    • Water Service: $25
    • Electric Deposit with PEC is $50 (so-so credit - add $125)
    • Cable TV & Internet - depends on provider - usually AT&T-UVerse

Village Living Expenses

Here is a preview of what to expect for costs of living in this community:

  • Electricity is provided by Perdenales Electric Cooperative. There is a $75 membership fee and a $150-$250 deposit based your credit score. There is a monthly $22.50 Service Availability Charge + $0.10/kWh.
  • Water is provided by a regulated public water system located on the property. Water is $18/month for the first 3,000 gallons. Most homes rarely exceed the $18, which is 100 gallons / day.
  • Trash pickup is included in the rental fee.
  • Internet and Phone is provided by AT&T Uverse. Call Jeanene (#25) @ 512-924-8999
  • Cable TV is also provided by Dish or Direct TV.
  • Home Owners insurance is required for Mobile Home owners, and renter's insurance for rental homes. Foremost is a recommended brand for manufactured home insurance.
  •  Automobiles must operational, clean, damage-free with current tags and insured.

Next Steps

If you are still interested in moving forward, call the office 512-282-7188 for the next steps.